Increase the efficiency of your company with the right ERP system.

ERP (or Enterprise Resource Planning) systems map out and coordinate all your business processes. This allows you to keep an overview on the mechanisms in our business and improve communication between the different departments, for the benefit of the efficiency of your company. A prerequisite, of course, is that you choose an ERP system that fits your business needs and that is customized and implemented tailored to your company.

As an independent consultancy, Finnit gives you advice on the most suitable solutions for your company. We work with both Infor M3 and SAP and have – thanks to our many years of experience – a deep knowledge of both of these systems. This allows us to offer you a complete package where you can count on our support from A to Z.

  • Independent advice on the best ERP system for your company
  • Custom programming and implementation
  • Project management during the entire process
  • Tailor-made training for the employees involved
  • Support afterwards


Systeme, Anwendungen und Produkte (SAP)

The by origin German SAP is one of the largest and first providers of ERP systems. SAP optimizes business processes through software solutions for small, medium-sized and international companies across all sectors. Governments also regularly use the SAP solutions.

Infor M3

Infor M3 also offers ERP solutions for mainly medium-sized to large companies that are active in production, distribution and after-sales services. Areas where complex processes prevail and where efficiency is absolutely essential for the company to grow sustainably.

Finnit has a lot of experience with both systems. We advise you on the best system for your sector and activity and customize the software 100% tailored to your company.