The best ERP software for distribution and sales

Distribution and sales are branches where communication between processes is key to smoothly link internal handling and customer demand. Thanks to the right ERP software, your processes are interconnected. This keeps the link between sales leads, warehousing and distribution as short as possible.

Distribution is all about planning so without clear processes and communication an organization in this branche might not survive. Getting the right product to the right customer at the right time is one of the biggest challenges today. The more the process is automated, the more efficient and cost-effective the planning will be.

ERP is the solution for companies in sales and distribution who want to increase their efficiency by making the various processes simple, logical and transparent. Therefore Finnit is your partner. Together with you we analyse which software is suitable for your company and take care of the programming and implementation tailored to your organization.

As an independent and flexible player in the ERP software market, we manage the entire project at your company. We take care of implementation, project management, training and support and guarantee you a package that 100% meets your wishes and needs.